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As pioneers in frontend technology who ventured into backend development, we believe in being wholesome experts in what we do. From implementation to ideation, we work to efficiently digitize your business requirements to meet standards of Industry 4.0.

Fastest Growing Tech Company

Hutech can proudly call itself one of the fastest growing Technology Solution Partners. Hutech Technologies has been able to achieve exemplary results for every undertaken project with focus on technologies like Angular JS, React JS and Flutter. With a wide range of specializations and specialists in our organization, we have ventured into several new and trending technologies. We are versatile and follow an agile methodology that helps us correct course and meet expectations of the clients to the dot.

Designing Solutions for a changing world

Technology First, Growth Focussed and Passion Driven is xthe Hutech way of life. We redefine company culture to help them grow with our technological support and management skills. We are partners that an organization needs to resolve their problems, offer advise and transform them to relevancy. We support with Salesforce, Shopify and Mulesoft implementations for our clients.

We have experience working with industries like Logistics, Education, Business Services, Financial Services and SaaS Products.


We value time and uphold our integrity when it comes to offering the best technological services. We believe in working with like minded people and providing quality in business. We stand by the principles of trust, innovation, creativity, customization and finally curate an excellent solution that works for your business and its clientele.


Our Vision is to bring scalability, sustainability and aid with digital transformational requirements of our clients. We improve business performances by using the latest cutting edge technologies like Angular JS, Flutter and React JS. We try to make technology more accessible, simple and easy to use.


Our Mission is to become a consulting hub to companies looking for transformation. We offer Product Engineering, Mobile App Development, UI and UX Designs for delivering world class products and apps to meet specific requirements of businesses from across different industries like Logistics, Education, Business Services, Financial Services and SaaS Products.

What our leader says

"At Hutech, we believe that it is experience and expertise that helps greatly in transforming each project into a success story. Our specialists and subject matter experts come with hands-on experience that helps them complete each project with efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

We continue to focus on new technologies such as Block Chain, Digitalization, AI, ML, Data Science and Cloud Computing. Innovation is at the core of all these technologies and we assist companies to get ahead with their ideas and bring them into reality with our persistent efforts and continuous innovations. In addition, we build their products and/or applications faster and quicker to meet the steep time-to-market. I therefore encourage our employees, customers and partners to collaborate and work with us so that we can bring success and growth for all."

Pravat Ranjan Rana
Founder & CEO - Hutech Solutions


These are the strongest pillars of Hutech who uphold the organization through ups and downs

Amlana Aparajita

Head of Business Operations


Rajeev Iyer

Delivery Head


Geetha Prasanna Kumari

Head of Engineering


Our Story

Hutech’s Journey so far...

A young organization at heart, we’re growing as we speak.

Our Inception happened and we started this journey as a two member organization.

We grew to become a 15 member organization just as COVID-19 threw us into a remote working culture. We aced through several Indian projects and won the bid for our first international client.

We billed our first international project and bagged two more global projects just by word of mouth recommendations. We continued to work remotely and gradually saw an increase in team size.

This has been a phenomenal year for Hutech as we opened 4 offices across the globe. We have grown to over 70+ employees globally and we have added a few industry experts to our team. And recently opened our second office in Bengaluru.

We’re hoping for a blockbuster this year…..

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