We’re Domain Specific in our Experience

Intensive and extensive hands-on experience is when we call ourselves domain experts. At Hutech, we ensure to indulge in creating solutions, products and apps through research, development and competitor analysis.

Domains we’ve Handled

Hutech has been one of those rare companies to invest time in hands-on trainings within major domains. Our specialists are all well versed with nuanced requirements of their speciality domain. Here are some of the domains we have catered to in the past.


Hutech helps Direct to customer brands setup their e-Commerce websites because we understand how essential it is for brands to have an online identity that aligns with the brand.


We’ve created solutions to help logistics companies simplify and automate mundane tasks thereby increasing their efficiency while reducing turnaround time.


Hutech has worked with Fintech companies to create essential payment tools and gateways to ensure that payments are made effortlessly for businesses that require payment platforms.

Supply Chain

We’ve helped supply chain businesses’ rescue their time between production and reaching the shelves thereby allowing products access to a longer selling window.


Retail stores have a necessity for customized tech solutions to help them automate mundane tasks like order management and POS solutions. HUtech helps retailers in need to create the perfect fit to their requirements.


At Hutech, we’ve automated last-mile delivery for courier companies that wanted to digitize their order tracking capabilities and allow faster deliveries. From pickup to delivery, the solution will help track these packages.

Green Energy

Hutech has worked with companies developing green energy equipment that deals with renewable sources of energy. We help them develop softwares to run and integrate their devices.


We’ve worked with Healthcare companies to try and simplify complex repetitive processes and tasks that used to incur too much time consumption for healthcare staff.


Hutech had the privilege of working with EduTech platforms to understand their niche requirements arising from being a consumer centric solution.

Looking to create solutions for a niche domain?

If you didn’t find you domain in the above mentioned list, then hit us up and we would love to brainstorm a custom solution created specifically for your domain.