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WhatsApp Shopping Assistant

AI Shopping Assistance is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of technology and user purchasing behaviours. In the era of AI, ML, Chat GPT, Cloud, and IoT, we are dedicatedly striving to streamline the conventional eCommerce buying patterns associated with website or mobile app interactions.

At Hutech AI Labs, our AI team is unwaveringly committed to innovation, ushering in transformative changes to the traditional eCommerce shopping experience. By harnessing multiple cutting-edge technologies, we have successfully simplified the consumer buying journey through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Our Shopping Assistance stands as a testament to HutechLabs’ commitment to providing advanced AI products and solutions to our valued customers.

AI Powered Product Information Management (PIM)

Within the eCommerce realm, whether a portal is small or large, the continual creation and updating of product catalogues, product information, and metadata is imperative. Consequently, significant eCommerce entities resort to utilizing Product Information Management (PIM) systems to carry out these tasks manually.

Hutech AI Labs introduces an innovative solution – an AI-powered Product Information Management system (AI PIM) designed to streamline these processes in a time-efficient manner. Our AI PIM system encompasses numerous valuable features, empowering cataloguers and merchandisers to execute their responsibilities with enhanced efficiency.

AI Recruitment Platform

Experience a revolutionary recruitment process with our AI-powered End-to-End Recruitment Platform, simplifying every step. From effortlessly creating job descriptions to scoring candidate fitment against applied positions, scheduling interviews, and incorporating a conversational Interview Copilot, our platform streamlines decision-making based on interview performance. Notably, our AI-powered Interview Wingman Application extends its capabilities to predict salaries based on experience and city parameters, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient recruitment journey. The process culminates with a seamless job offer rollout. Post-offer, our AI HR agent engages with candidates, strategically minimizing drop-offs and ensuring a candidate-centric approach for a successful and cohesive recruitment experience.

AI Powered Pricing Engine

The core success of businesses lies in the precise computation of the cost per unit for specific operations. Conventional formula-driven calculations may fall short for businesses seeking effective decision-making. Our AI-driven pricing engine resolves this challenge by computing unit costs, factoring in various aspects like business operation patterns, data, and seasonal variability. With the flexibility to adjust operation factors, our AI model ensures predictability in operational costs.

For a detailed understanding of our pricing engine’s capabilities, reach out to us for a demo. Explore how our AI-powered solution can enhance decision-making and optimize operational efficiency.

AI Based Observability Platform

Hutech Solutions is pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence into the realm of observability platforms, marking a significant advancement in how businesses monitor, diagnose, and optimize their digital infrastructures. By harnessing AI, Hutech Solutions aims to revolutionize observability, offering a system that not only aggregates vast amounts of operational data across applications, networks, and services in real-time but also intelligently analyzes this data to provide actionable insights. This innovative approach enables automated anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and enhanced decision-making processes, significantly reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting and maintenance. As a result, organizations can expect improved system reliability, performance, and user satisfaction, positioning Hutech Solutions at the forefront of the next generation of observability technology.

To leverage our Observability Platform and NOC infrastructure as a Service. Please reach out us.

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