Building Solutions on SalesForce

Hutech is a SalesForce partner and pioneers in setting up the Perfect Customer Relationship Management Solution for your business. We will help you understand how moving away from the usual excel sheets will help you to close deals faster and more effectively.

Building Solutions on SalesForce

Having a CRM is a necessity with the pace at which business is changing. Maintaining and building a customer relationship takes a lot of time and effort. A good CRM can help you to predict customer behavior, forecast sales and nurture your potential customers through gentle email marketing.

Salesforce Apps

Hutech helps you build custom apps on the Salesforce platform. This will help you scale your business by being available on AppExchange. We ensure that your apps are builts to meet the exact requirements of your business.


We help you set up the world's best CRM for your organization. This automates your lead generation activities, simplifies lead nurturing and above all tracking and follow ups with leads have become all the more systematic and simplified.

SF Apps Maintenance

We don’t just build and let the app be. We come to your aid with constant support and app maintenance. With every new product release from Salesforce, the apps need to be updated to ensure their optimal productivity.

Want to Conquer Customer Relationships?

Maintaining relationships and following up regularly is nearly impossible with excel sheets. Hutech will help you set up a CRM in place, to help maintain your relationship with existing and potential customers has become more simple now.

CRM Setup Process

Setting up a CRM is easy, but truly transforming it into an automated process requires a lot of effort and understanding of the business processes.

Map Customer Journey

Define Sales Processes

Migrate Customer Details

Integrate Tools

Automate Manual Process

Set up Users


Most frequent questions and answers

A CRM platform can help increase sales because it simplifies and smooths the interactions between a company and its customers. By serving as the organized, complete customer relationship management platform — full of data, analytics, reports, notes, and more — a CRM platform can help companies make objective decisions that best serve their current customers and allow them to reach new customers more effectively.

The Salesforce CRM platform is built to work with other applications to provide a seamless back-end experience that allows you to run your organization smoothly. One way we offer integration with other programs is through our AppExchange. Each app can be installed quickly so you and your team can start using it in your Salesforce product today.

Communications Cloud is a purpose-built product for communications service providers (CSPs), delivering a complete digital BSS suite that’s catalog-driven from commerce to cash. Communications Cloud enables CSPs to quickly adapt to changing customer expectations and market shifts, make data-driven decisions, and improve operational efficiency across sales, customer care, marketing, retail, and the entire BSS/OSS stack.

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