Struggling with Cloud Computing and DevOps?

Are siloed functions preventing your businesses from adopting faster to changing needs of the markets? Hetech offers you quick and improved results through cloud computing and devops implementations.

Cloud Computing to boost Accessibility

Building effective solutions on the cloud is smarter. Being on the cloud helps your stakeholders access data from across anywhere on the Globe. Devops helps to operate and evolve applications quickly and reliably.


AWS is a cloud operations specialist. They help businesses focus on business outcomes, and not on infrastructure or on optimizing processes. Migrating to the cloud with AWS is safe, effective and extremely time efficient. The Devops teams can manage operations on cloud from anywhere allowing them freedom to operate as they go.

Google Cloud

Google offers their platform to store and access data across 4 classes of storage via unified APIs. It is a great alternative to expensive and high end infrastructure that would otherwise restrict and limit usage options. Build, deploy and scale your operations on web and mobile apps.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that helps scale your business operations on the cloud effectively. It helps you create future ready solutions on the cloud on any variation and combination of service types. They come with over 200 solutions to simplify deployment and offer additional functionalities.

DevOps for Improved Delivery

Our DevOps Engineers are here to setting up processes and methodologies for organizations, to balance their needs from coding to deployment. We ensure continuous integration and delivery across cloud platforms using Docker, Jenkins, etc.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is a modern developmental practice that allows developers to frequently make code changes to ensure that the system is stable and reliable over time. This ensures that there is a constant output flow of features and bug fixes happening regularly.

Transforming to Cloud for a World in Constant Movement

Transforming your business from on-premise solution to cloud will help your business scale effectively and efficiently. We help you to prepare your business for a times ahead of the competition.

Cloud Migration Process

Migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud server will ensure that your business stays prepared. The process is time consuming however, it’s definitely worth the trouble when you consider the perks that come post migration.

Historic Data

Data Sanitization

Database Setup

Data Collection

Operations Setup

Feedback Loop

Cloud Transformation Tools


StratoZone (GCP)


TSO Logic (AWS)

Azure Migrate


Most frequent questions and answers

DevOps practice allows quick and efficient product deliveries with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency and more dependable releases in line with business objectives.

The DevOps delivery pipeline ensures faster deployment frequency, faster market time, lower failure rate of new releases and faster mean recovery time. DevOps aims at faster development and deployment cycles through continuous testing, quality testing, feature development and maintenance releases for improved reliability and security.

Hutech DevOps services include Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation, Process Implementation, CI/CD Pipelines, Process Automation and Security Integration. Besides, there are also DevOps managed services including Operational Management, Effective Supply-chain, Release Management, Security Management and more.

Clouds can be public or private, though public clouds are more commonly associated with cloud computing. Public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, pool resources in data centers often distributed around the globe, and users access them via the internet. Private clouds are walled-off environments hosted in a corporate data center or a colocation facility. They lack the massive scale of public clouds. But they do have some elasticity, and a company's developers and administrators can still use self-service portals to access resources.

It can take more than a year to execute a cloud migration strategy, and even then, it's an ongoing process. Communication is critical to success. Keep stakeholders regularly informed, and make sure IT is part of the broader decision-making process for the business. Identify leaders who will evangelize the use of the cloud, and ensure employees are properly trained for the transition.

Public clouds charge on a per-use basis, so costs will vary wildly based on multiple variables, including the size of your environment, the provider, the region you operate in, the amount of data movement and the number of higher-level services consumed. The major public cloud providers also have pricing schemes that can lower costs in exchange for certain long-term commitments.

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