Product Engineering

Hutech has been pioneering the art of innovating, designing, developing, testing, deploying and implementing a software product through years of experience on the field. With real-time experience we have been doing product development by working with a wide variety of industries, businesses and startups.

Building a Product for every Business Need

Hutech has worked with various industries and extends their expertise to almost every major domain. With global exposure, we have been offering companies with perfected products that have been serving them well through the years.

Customized Enterprise Products

We offer our customers digital freedom by creating customized products based on the needs of their business. Our experts are capable of building any complex product requirement of yours with minimum ease. We help build integrated products to work in compliment with any modern technology like IoT and AIML.

Ecommerce Solutions

Hutech can help you create the perfect ecommerce solution for your business needs. We have delivered 20+ customized eCommerce products for our clients. We aim to deliver a perfectly responsive product that is built using an advanced technology stack.

Customized Mobile Apps

Hutech helps you design and develop the perfect mobile app that works efficiently, requires lesser maintenance and gets deployed faster than ever before while supporting multiple OS and device sizes. These apps will be the perfect asset to your brand and business.

Looking to Redefine Product Development?

Hutech is an emerging product development expert capable of building impactful products that can change the lives of millions of users. We offer custom designed solutions integrated with advanced features like image recognition, barcode scanning and real-time tracking to build high end solutions.

Product Engineering Sprints

As we set about developing products, we require an abundance of knowledge and experience to identify shortfalls before they occur.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Product engineering is about developing an idea into a commercially viable product for the market. It refers to a set of processes ranging from product conceptualization to designing, developing, testing, deploying, and later to sustenance and re-engineering. It can cut across different aspects of mechanical, hardware, embedded, and software components of product design.

Embedded software engineering is the procedure of creating specialized software to regulate machines and devices that are different from traditional computers. Embedded systems are formed due to the nexus of non-computer based devices with software engineering. The software has to adapt and work within the constraints of the hardware specifications.

Design Thinking is a newer approach to problem-solving. It is a strategic design methodology that provides a user-centric and solution-based approach to solve complex problems. It allows the blend of technology and business models to solve customer problems or to find better solutions to the existing approach, by putting the customer at the center of the entire product development journey.

A product prototype is a fundamental working sample, mock-up, model or a simulation of the actual product that gives your ideas a tangible form. Sometimes, prototyping is also referred to as materialization as it is the first step towards transforming a concept or vision into a real physical form.

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