Quality Engineering and Test Automation

Our Quality Engineers hope to achieve excellence in deliveries. We promise great results, driven by high quality and offer the best services to ensure that results are aligned with expectations every step of the way.

UI Automation testing

We have automated the process of UI testing from end-to-end, using test scripts for each use case to ensure that the system works efficiently. These automated systems have improved efficiency and have delivered better results.


The preferred choice of our testers for testing any solution that runs on a browser. Setup tests that don’t require any additional downloads, creating custom tests, run customized tests and capture results via screenshots, video capture and insights to offer corrective suggestions and feedback.


Selenium is the next generational solution for all things browser based when tested at Hutech. Selenium can be run across multiple environments, different machines, and managed from a single center. Selenium can help run tests across a vast combination of browsers and OS.


Zalenium is a further extension of Selenium that allows us to test through the Selenium grid. This is extremely capable of running UI Testing over time while covering all browsers and platforms. They have been a great solution for businesses looking to have disposable Selenium Grid infrastructure for solid testing.

Automation Framework Development

We at Hutech ensure that we develop the right testing framework to create a customized automated testing environment for our client requirements. These frameworks allow us to develop testing for any logic or algorithm that client has used in development.

API and Performance Testing

API Performance testing offers insights to our developers who wants to understand how well each of our APIs are performing under certain conditions. We strictly adhere to performance testing as it removes potential issues early on in the development lifecycle.

Code Quality Assurance

Every code that is developed by our developers, we assure to have its quality tested. These codes are thoroughly tested to ensure that they work according to expectations while also maintaining their preciseness. We ensure that processes are adhered by sticking to strict guidelines along with the use of a code liner to ensure maximum efficiency.

Not able to Deliver Above and Beyond?

Are you not happy with testing services that your apps have been put through? Do users comeback to you with bugs? With impactful and thorough testing, we’re able to cater to almost perfect apps and solutions that help businesses keep up their standards. Hutech constantly monitors bugs prior to integration ensures and eliminates the need to spend on future issues that requires fixing.

Quality Assurance Process

Checking quality can sometimes seem too vague. Analyzing each and every step of the process should be exactly what testing must involve.


Test Plan

Test Design

Test Automation

Environment Setup

Test Execution

Test Closure

Quality Assurance Tools




Load Runner



Most frequent questions and answers

Usability testing is all about getting technology advocates to understand and empathize with users and clients better. They help you stay prepared for the unexpected when it comes to delivery and usability.

We test websites on the basis of a lot of parameters like load time, API performance, Database functions, Automated Workflow parameters, Email triggers, server testing, and basic website functionalities.

We consider software quality by analyzing the efficiency of a software to manage defects and deliver optimal performance and results during run time.

We test a mobile app for parameters like aesthetics, responsiveness, consistency across multiple devices, functionality, usability, and speed.

Selenium tops the list as the best Test Automation Framework. We also have other good ones like Cypress and WebdriverIO.

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