Ecommerce App Development

Ignite your business’s online potential with our ecommerce app development mastery. We weave innovation into every line of code, crafting spellbinding apps that captivate customers and boost your bottom line.

Specialized software development for retail and eCommerce.

Release a powerful assortment of digital solutions to boost e-commerce success and revenue. For an unmatched customer experience, seamlessly connect your physical businesses and the digital world with cutting-edge e-commerce web solutions customized mobile apps.

Services we deliver

Customized Retail Evolution Solutions

Experience customized perfection with our retail software development services. We create custom applications that enhance sales and build client loyalty for your retail business from start to finish.

E-commerce management services

Empower your business by automating internal operations—Product Listing, Order Processing, and Inventory Management. Unleash savings and channel focus towards your business goals through tailored ecommerce software development

CRM strategies for business

Increase conversion rates and foster meaningful relationships with customers through utilisation of timely and highly tailored offers.

Point of sale platforms (POS)

Provide consumers with a smooth and convenient payment experience in your physical stores while linking it into your digital ecosystem.

Solution for Supply Chain Management

Effortlessly compute the supply and demand dynamics for specific product categories, steering clear of excess stock or shortages in your warehouse.

Software development for platforms

Generate income by fostering connections between sellers and buyers on your very own platform

UI/UX design for websites and mobile applications

Bringing distinctive UI/UX design to your retail software boosts brand awareness and sales. Make an impact on the market with ingenuity.

What makes a Custom retail software solution essential for your business?

Increase online business success and profits with retail software development services.

Excellent customer fit

For evaluating consumer reaction and investing in customer-resonant features, create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Prioritize Your Business Objectives

Rather than forming an in-house team, consider outsourcing development to Mobindustry and keep your focus on achieving your business goals.

Reliable Quality

Custom software, unlike ready-made solutions, permits thorough testing, ensuring your product maintains a high level of quality.

Top-notch Security

Opt for custom retail software for enhanced security compared to off-the-shelf alternatives. Safeguard sensitive information like credit card details and passwords with your tailored retail app or website.

User-Centric Design and Flexibility

Adapt your app to current business needs and stand out from competitors with distinctive features and interfaces, ensuring a strong user experience.

Maximize Returns

Boost sales, enhance brand recognition, and broaden your market reach through a mobile solution. Offering an app can be a compelling reason for users to choose your brand over competitors, delivering a great return on investment.

Which retail innovations can increase your sales?

Smart Retail with IoT

Leverage the power of IoT and smart sensors to elevate your store management. Monitor stock levels seamlessly, keep tabs on product location, condition, and various parameters for an efficient and data-driven retail experience.

Digital Enhancements for Brick-and-Mortar

Transform your offline stores into a digital haven. Introduce loyalty programs, membership cards, and enticing bonuses that customers can enjoy within your physical spaces. Utilize QR codes to provide in-depth product insights and exclusive offers tied to specific locations.

Immersive Experiences with Augmented Reality (AR)

Elevate customer engagement creatively by integrating AR into your strategy. Capture attention, showcase products in a captivating manner, and boost sales through gamified experiences – an innovative approach to leave a lasting impression.

Voice-Powered Convenience

Embrace the era of tapless user experiences by implementing voice search functionality. Allow users to effortlessly find products without typing, simplifying the ordering process and enhancing overall user satisfaction in tune with modern standards.

Subscription Service

Introduce premium service tiers with subscription-based and freemium models. Offer bundled products, rental options, and exclusive perks like free delivery for premium subscribers. Diversify revenue streams while providing added value to your customers.

Chatbot Efficiency

Elevate customer support with instant, automated assistance through chatbots. Boost conversion rates by addressing common queries promptly, optimizing your support team’s workflow, and saving costs on routine tasks.

Headless Ecommerce Empowerment

Effortlessly manage your ecommerce website’s content and adapt your database and app structure to evolving business needs with a headless architecture. Enjoy flexibility and streamline operations for a dynamic online presence.

Customization for Unique Appeal

Differentiate your brand by offering personalized products and bundles. Enhance sales through a tailored approach, standing out in a crowded market with unique, customer-centric offerings.

Beacon-Powered Personalization

Implement beacon technology in your physical store to track customer movements and behavior. Send targeted, real-time special offers as customers explore your store, driving sales through personalized and location-based incentives.

Discover your digital project's strategy for online success by peeking at Discovery Phase materials.

Ecommerce Discovery Phase

Explore our top business-oriented software development resources. Discover customized insights!

    Ecommerce Discovery Phase

    Hutech solutions development team

    App Developers

    Crafting mobile applications using a mix of native and cross-platform technologies, along with seamless third-party integrations, to create scalable solutions aligned with your business objectives.

    Web Developers

    Constructing the backbone of your online presence, our website developers focus on business logic and client web applications tailored for retail enterprises.

    UI/UX Artisan

    From user requirements to a visually appealing interface, our UI/UX designers delve into user research, fashioning an intuitive application design that not only looks good but is also a joy to navigate.

    Business Translator

    Your business goals translated into technical language—our business analysts articulate your needs and objectives, recommending the optimal set of features and functionalities.

    Project manager

    Ensuring timely and budget-friendly project delivery, our project managers excel in communication, acting as the liaison between stakeholders and team members.

    Quality Guardians

    Diligently running tests to guarantee software development aligns with technical specifications and functions flawlessly, our quality assurance specialists ensure a seamless user experience.

    Integrations we provide

    microsoft clarity

    Why choose hutech solution for your project

    Our history of successfully developing e-commerce apps



    We developed a robust mobile eCommerce platform tailored for urban fresh. Our team has consistently maintained and enhanced native iOS and Android apps. The extensive user base exceeding one million for the urban fresh applications attests to our proficiency and unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions.


    D2C eCommerce

    D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) ecommerce platform is a comprehensive and adaptable solution that empowers businesses to efficiently manage their online sales and customer interactions. With a fully modular approach, it offers users a range of components designed to streamline operations throughout the entire ecommerce lifecycle, from product listing to order fulfillment and customer support.


    Other types of apps we build

    Save time and budget on development and get a ready solution that we’ll customize according to your brand and business goals


    Building a Scooter Sharing Platform


    Healthcare-Related Web and Mobile Application Solutions


    Fitness Club and Gym Apps


    Fitness Apps Made Just for Instagram Stars


    WhatsApp eCommerce Applications

    Other types of apps we build

    Save time and budget on development and get a ready solution that we’ll customize according to your brand and business goals

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How is Hutech Solutions different from other businesses that build apps for online stores?

      We at Hutech Solutions are proud of our long history of satisfied customers, our talented staff, our dedication to personalization, and our use of cutting-edge technology. When you work with us, we’ll go above and beyond to learn about your company’s specific challenges and provide solutions that meet or beyond your expectations.

      Have you worked on any previous e-commerce apps? If so, which ones?

      From retail to fashion to electronics and beyond, our array of ecommerce apps covers it all. To help companies of all sizes thrive in the online marketplace, our team has built scalable apps for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and marketplace models.

      What measures can you take to make my e-commerce app safe?

      Your e-commerce app’s security is our top priority. When it comes to protecting user data and ensuring secure transactions, our team follows industry best practices. We combine SSL/TLS certificates, secure payment gateways, and authentication systems.

      Does the e-commerce app have the capability to integrate with my current systems?

      In a heartbeat! Expertise in connecting e-commerce apps with a wide range of systems, including marketing automation, customer relationship management, ERP, and inventory management systems, is our forte. In order to make your processes more efficient, we guarantee a smooth flow of data and work to streamline them.

      In what ways do you handle the maintenance and updates of the app?

      To ensure the continuous operation of your e-commerce app, we provide thorough support and maintenance services. So that your program is always optimized and up-to-date, our team is always checking performance, installing updates, and fixing any problems that come up.

      Aiming to provide you with first-rate service, we have set out on a mission.

      With 5+ years of experience in the industry.

      A group of more than hundred experts in eCommerce domain.


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