Leadership Team

Our leadership team is composed of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, who brings skills and expertise to guide our organization towards success.


 Our leadership team has diverse experience across various domains and technologies. Our greatest strength lies in our collective commitment towards achieving the common goal of ensuring excellence.

Pravat Ranjan Rana

Founder & CEO
EX- Walmart, Sabre Travel

Hemanth Narayanan

EX- Walmart, Sapient

Padmavati_ VP of Engineering

Padmavati B. Patil

VP Engineering & Business Growth
EX- Gap, Walmart, Infosys

Sanjeev Kulkarni

EX- OLA, Walmart
CEO Of Xoots

Alex Alexander

Strategic Advisor
EX- Emirates Group, Walmart Labs

Geetha Prasanna

VP Engineering
EX- Walmart, Hewlett Packard

Rajeev Iyer

VP Global Delivery
EX- Walmart, Hewlett Packard

Amlana Aparajita

VP Operations
EX- ICICI, Philips

Sarada Prasanna Prusty

Director Engineering
EX-VISA, Infosys